What is your mission?

To inspire a community of conscious, compassionate citizens who will serve and lead the way in serving community and protecting the planet for generations to come. To impact positive social change by promoting creativity over consumption, mindfulness over matter, and progress over perfection. 

What are the "criteria" to be included in the Lighter Living Guide?

.Love, Light and Less. Check out our About page for more info!


How can I submit a business to be included in your Directory?

If you know of an organization that meets the criteria of #LoveLightandLess, then I'd love to know! Drop me an email here. 

What is your background in?

I am grateful to have had a winding career path full of so much professional growth and experience. As a Geography major, I originally wanted to be an urban planner, however at that time I knew I would get restless with an office job. My inner camp-counselor took over and I began to pursue a career in Environmental Education, getting certified by both federal and state institutions to present outdoor curriculum-based programming to youth and adults. Slowing down a few years later I wounded up with that "dreaded" desk job as a digital marketer specializing in social media, SEO, and PR. Over a decade later my passion for all of these things has come together in telling the stories of how people learn, grow and thrive through the connection to the environment around them. In the past year I  have let my creativity flourish even further with my freelance digital marketing services for small businesses and other entrepreneurs.

Why the name and logo "The Happiest Camper"?

The phrase 'The Happiest Camper' resonated with me because my teenage and young adult years as a summer camper and camp counselor in the national forest of Virginia are some of my happiest memories. The business name hit me like a bolt of lightening in 2015, long before I even knew what I wanted to do or be and was just beginning to dabble with the idea of becoming an entrepreneur. I knew it was divine intervention when the domain name was available, so I bought it on a whim and it sat empty and untouched while life unfolded in its own timeline. At some point several years later everything clicked into place and each word and symbol felt meaningful and metaphoric. The Happiest Camper is ultimately about gaining joy from the simplicity that we find in the natural world. It's about living intentionally, outside and in, and following your inner compass. This compass also represents the compass used in the ancient principles of Chinese geomancy, for which I started my "side-hustle"  feng shui business, Synergetic Spaces.

Can we be friends?

Yes, please! Click here to join the mailing list and follow the links at the bottom of the page to connect on social media!

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