"Energy and persistence conquer all things"

I recently became certified in Reiki, a type of energy-healing that originated in Japan. Pursuing this training was both personal and professional, as the tools of reiki can be used in many practical ways.

Initially the course was not what I expected, as it felt like I was learning spiritual witchcraft. It was all a little too “Asheville”. Parts of me even experienced a bit of imposter syndrome. However by the end of the weekend, through a series of serendipitous encounters with my classmates and a few positive omens (numerology and the tarot), I emerged transformed, and empowered to save the world! The training felt like it a significant step on the right path towards self-actualization.

So what is Reiki and what does it have to do with Minimalism? It all starts with the understanding that everything is connected, and that energy passes through everything, everyone and everywhere in our lives. There are high vibrations of energy which feel positive and uplifting, and low vibrations which feel negative, draining, or altogether absent. And because of the Law of Attraction ("like attracts like”), energy flows where intention goes. How and what you're focusing on can determine the outcome of your day, your life, and the environment around you.

So then what? Well, it's simple really. The principles of reiki can be summed up with these words:

Just for today

Do not be angry

Do not worry

Have gratitude

Work Hard

Be Kind

Indeed, the best part of reiki is that it works to serve the higher good and can truly do no harm. Through the spiritual communication of love and compassion/ universal intelligence /divine love and wisdom, it is always safe and always beneficial. Reiki supports physical health, energetic hygiene and spiritual happiness. It is pure protection and a pure blessing. It really CAN change the world!

Most people do not realize that Reiki can be used both internally and externally, for people OR places. One of the coolest aspects of becoming a reiki healer is that I can do it anywhere, at any time. Because energy does not abide by the laws of time or space, reiki can be practiced even at a distance. Through the simple repetition of powerful affirmations and traditions, you can channel and redirect energy in a positive, productive way.

For animate beings (people and pets), reiki can release blockages of energy that manifest as repetitive negative thoughts, feelings or behaviors. It is useful in overcoming past traumas, to heal physical ailments, release self-doubt, and so much more. One of the things I intend to use reiki on in my own life is ridding myself of limiting beliefs that I do not have enough time or money to be happy. Through focused intention (and of course, endless gratitude), I can start to shift from a mindset of scarcity to abundance.

For inanimate objects, spaces we inhabit, and places we visit, reiki can purify and cleanse. The most wonderful part of my training was realizing that my affinity for decluttering and “nesting” with simplicity is actually a type of energy clearing on its own. Our instructor assured us we are not “crazy”, and that it’s perfectly normal to sensitive to your surroundings. No wonder that making sure my home, car, and office are tranquil and tidy is so essential for happiness and productivity.

I am passionate about minimalism because at the core it's about refusing to adopt this unnecessary, stagnant energy, and only accepting the things that allow you to thrive. The same way that dust bunnies collect in corners, disharmonious energy can too. When negative frequencies radiate, typically so does clutter. Other times, clutter can be purely accidental - a sign that energy is not being used with clear focus. Your possessions hold on to these low vibrations, so it's a snowball-effect that will only build to create toxic patterns or limit your potential.

One of my favorite mantras to live by is "Leave everything better than you found it." In the most literal sense, this applies to the spaces we inhabit. Why shouldn't everywhere go feel inspiring and supportive? I intend to use reiki to regularly clear my home and office to feel balanced enough so that creativity and love can flow freely. And I'm on a mission to help others do the same- to save the world through sacred spaces. ♥

Love and Light (and Less)


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