"If you're looking for a sign, this is it"

New Year's Eve- a time of reflection, introspection and goal-setting for the coming year.

A few weeks ago I went through my (semi-annual) existential crisis where I ask the great Wise Mother desparately, "What am I doing with my life?" For the past decade these feelings have regurgitated themselves up in various forms. The appear without warning in a deeply intense way where I start to question everything and everyone around me.

This time was no different: A question asked with a sense of urgency, and within a 48 hour period- a clear answer from the universe. Like a bolt of lightning through my body, I immediately felt ignited. Re-charged, redirected and re-inspired.

When I began this journey two years ago I envisioned The Happiest Camper as a consulting and coaching business. I had (and still have) no idea how that would actually manifest as I still rely financially on my day job, but nonetheless I committed to building my "brand" and living its truth to the best of my ability.

But now, after a pregnancy, a baby and a career change, I myself have changed a bit. My passions have shifted, or rather have become more defined. At the same time, my insecurities and weaknesses have stood out...

How can I possibly achieve all of my goals? Can I run a profitable business but still remain true to my values? Is it possible to be an environmentally and socially conscious citizen, a business owner, an attentive and present parent, a loving wife AND still have the time and resources to take a nice vacation once in a while??

All of these questions are running through my brain on this final day of the year. These cross-road moments are all part of the growth process and with each challenge I feel better equipped, older and wiser. Scared still- of course, but overall really hopeful.

Stay tuned for The Happiest Camper 2.0 and what exactly this new "Grand Idea" looks like. I am still working on putting the pieces together but I am confident that 2019 is the year that this chaotic puzzle will finally manifest as a full, clear picture.

Love and Light (and Less)



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