"The authentic self is the soul made visible"

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

It's been one year since my daughter was born. A year of magnificent highs and a few humbling lows. I have grown and been fulfilled in unbelievable ways in this new role of Creator and Nurturer. However there still remains just a restless, nagging feeling that my "life's work" has yet to be complete. I yearn to go even further into the unknown of my Self...

I get a high off of the creative process- the planning, starting, developing, and finishing. But the middle is SO messy. Like parenthood itself, I am fumbling my way through. When you're entering the uncharted territory of a new enterprise, both the possibilities and your potential can feel limitless.

Without borders, I feel a constant state of mental frenzy and chaos, yet at the end of the day I still can't shake the desire to create and do more. This intense hunger and drive is perhaps an evolutionary, biological need. I am simply hunting for more resources (safety, stability) and opportunities (growth, education, success) that will create a long and successful life for my offspring and future generations.

Without overanalyze things too much, I'd like to say that I am excited about the thought of new projects that will grow up and evolve and change to be their own force, just like my daughter.

What will these ventures be and how will they take shape? To find the answer in the past year or so I have done a tremendous amount of soul-searching and self-reflection about who I am, what I want to be, and what I am meant to do.

In the physical world this has manifested as hours and hours of RESUME EDITING. Oh, so fun!

So, one of the newest additions to my CV is this series of identity-definers:

  • Cause-Driven Leader

  • Productivity Master

  • Organizational Specialist

I crafted these miniature informal job titles as a way to more clearly define my unique talents and skills. I want to be able to show up to my job or any new situation as my truest self. Motherhood has brought out my boldness. I am finally starting to realize that being comfortable in who I am (or at least who I WANT to be) is so much easier than being who others want me to be. I am done hiding or downplaying parts of myself. Both personally and professionally, this past year has given me permission and authority to just be ME.

So who is that person? In this moment: Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend.

As well as...

  • Organizational Specialist / Process Hacker

  • Digital Content Creator / Engagement Engineer

  • Aspiring Entrepreneur / Community Builder

But also...

  • Hygge Spreader / House Whisperer

  • Energy Clearer / Space Harmonizer

  • Nature Nerd / Eco Worshiper

  • Modern Geomancer / Pseudo Scientist

  • Lifelong Learner / Idea Curator

  • Intentionality Guru / Thought Capturer

  • Goal Setter / Momentum Driver


  • Truth Seeker / Wisdom Keeper

  • Self Analyzer / Modern Lightworker

  • Sun Chaser / Path Wanderer

  • Memory Freezer / Soul Adventurer

  • Vibe Whisperer / Metaphysical Interpreter

  • Lifelong Vegetarian / One-time Marathoner

But I still want to be...

  • Potential Reacher

  • Intentionality Achiever

  • Impact Cultivator

  • Beauty Manifester

  • Devoted Changemaker

  • Do-Gooder

I give myself authority to be ALL of these people, and more.

So, what kind of boss are YOU? To find out, I'd recommend trying out the silly self-labeling exercise above. It was extremely therapeutic, and could be helpful to anyone wondering where their own power and authority lies. Simply write out everything you do, everything you're best at, and everything you want to be known for. Then OWN that list with all your heart and soul, and let it guide you to your next steps.

We are each the sole creators, innovators and experts of our lives. For each moment that I choose authenticity, transparency and vulnerability, I am rewarded. Because whenever you act in alignment with your core values, your truest needs and deepest desires, you can trust you're on the right path, no matter what.

Love & Light (and Less)



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