"The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you've come."

Updated: Feb 6

Looking back at 2019, when my Word of the Year was THRIVE.

  • I got certified as a Feng Shui Consultant. Best decision ever! Honestly the hardest part was just deciding to do it. For months I was frozen in fear by the fear itself- afraid of investing, afraid of failing, afraid of judgement. In exploring this entirely new niche I had a difficult time narrowing down which school to pursue my certification. I had several phone conversations and in person meetings with feng shui mentors and instructors across the country before finally settling on the Earth Home School of Feng Shui based on time, money, and it's alignment of values.

  • I began seeing clients. Life moves quickly sometimes! Most of these were friends and family, which I am eternally grateful for. As my teacher promised, I learned more from these clients than I ever could in a class or training course. By expanding my consciousness into this fascinating subject area I was able to connect with these people on a deeper level.

  • I debuted version 2.0. Little by little, I made improvements to the site. Pecking away at these updates will allow me to stand out in the competitive digital landscape and hopefully bring in clients!

  • I recognized my personal and professional boundaries. In February I changed jobs to one that provided more mental and emotional capacity to be focused at home. From this I was able to be a fully-present parent and partner, and still dabble with creative and community projects on the side.

  • I began to feng shui my own home. From my training I learned that our house has several red flags. I am working to remedy these but there are some that may not be fixable as they involve the home's history, construction, positioning, and location.

What's next? My word for 2020 is IGNITE. My intentions and goals include:

  • Rebranding on Instagram. This year I will retire the handle @thehappiestcamper for several reasons. I am going with something more refined and represented of my core. I am still not entirely sure if this is a good strategic move, but time will tell.

  • Continuing to modify my home. In addition to addressing several feng shui concerns, I am anticipating other changes in our space. Our home is slowly evolving because of our daughter, which is something I vowed would not happen as a naive Type-A parent, but have accepted now. This is no longer a place of rest, retreat and entertainment. It is a now a classroom of growth and development. Many of the home improvement projects we once dreamed of are taking a backburner as we incorporate Montessori-aligned child-friendly additions instead.

  • Business growth. My goal is to see one client a month, on weekends in between full-time work. I am hoping that will happen organically as I don't have time to properly network and promote my services. I also have so much work to do regarding content planning, creation and distribution. As a marketer I already know everything I have to do, but unfortunately right now I do not have the time or resources to make these things happen as fast as I would like. Hopefully 2020 will bring the magic of time.

  • Plan for our next home. I have a clear vision of the land, the floorplan, and the architectural style. I don't know when or how this next home will manifest, but the seed has been planted and will continue to grow throughout this year.

I chose the word ignite as my theme for the new year because it represents a spark full of potential - a momentum that is building quickly. This is a fire and passion that I have not felt in a very long time. This pivot in my business was not something I saw coming but it's been transformative and an awakening in so many ways. This feels like what I was meant to do.

I love feng shui because it's about looking at people and places with a deeper perspective. This energetic, almost spiritual lens focus on the tiny nuances that most of us overlook in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Looking closer at the details of our surroundings, I have loved the constant analysis at both the micro and macro level, which is how my brain already works. Add in the geographic element, and it feel even more natural and intuitive for me. I am grateful for everything in my life and trust that there indeed a higher power which will allow these goals to unfold in their own perfect timeline.

Love and Light (and LESS)



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